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This week marks the 31st annual Iowa State University Fashion Show! And what other way to celebrate than with a week full of activities, treats, and fashion! I chose to style one of my Fashion Show t-shirts with a punch; lots of bling, a sleek bomber, and my sweet Jeffery Campbell cutouts. I can’t seem to get enough of these leather buckled cutout boots, but I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of this spring’s it-shoe: mules! You can bet there will be an excess of outfits styled with those as well ;]



DSC05679 DSC05685 DSC05691

March 11, 2014. What a terribly dull and dreary day for Ames, Iowa. My solution, of course, is to throw on the brightest pants I own and create a cool twist for layering the modern cropped t-shirt. All I can hope is that spring break in Panama City offers better news in terms of weather than the Midwest… (3 days!!)

DSC05668 DSC05666 DSC05671

What’s a Wednesday in Ames without a little wind and 15 degree weather? Sounds more like everyday in Ames in the winter. But what’s a better way to cure the chilly blues than throwing on a blazer and layering up with a chic wool coat? Probably some socks…


Casual post-class photo shoot. Thank you Nick for being my make-shift photographer, I repaid him by giving him a ride to his class which he was 20 minutes early for. Punctuality is key!


Lightweight tops were basically meant to be worn together. Especially when it’s -20 degrees.