Lolla was definitely a hit this year!! Being the 20th Anniversary, there were over 90,000 people who attended, not including those who jumped the fence… As many know, I had been preparing for lolla all summer and used inspiration from Coachella and anything I could find from WhoWhatWear. I came up with two awesome outfits, and one just whatever outfit because I was going to wear my Deadmau5 shirt no matter what on Sunday. On Friday I wore my gray cutoff tee from American Apparel with the Mystic Secrets necklace from Jewelmint and shorts from Nordstrom (originally $120, got them for around $65), and then I just wore blue slip on shoes that I dyed (you can NEVER wear shoes that you care about when you go to lolla….. lesson learned August 7 2009). On Saturday I wore my new tank from Nordstrom with the Encore Necklaces from Jewelmint and tan bubble shorts from Greece (also with crappy shoes). Sunday was the day I wore my coveted Deadmau5 shirt, which I took off as soon as the picture was taken because it was so damn hot… Although one of my favorite artists was playing this day (and I got his autograph!), Sunday was by far the worst day for lolla, weather wise. While we were waiting in line for 2 hours to get Joel Zimmerman’s autograph, it rained VERY hard. I was freaking out that the CD i just bought would get ruined in my purse, but by the time I was next in line, I didn’t think about anything else besides what to say to him. My dumb ass was like “are you getting wet?!” and he looked at me like i was retarded. Sitting underneath the autograph tent, he looked around and was like “a little…? we’re all getting wet.” Not really the reaction I was hoping for and I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to talk to stupid fans anyway. But then when he began his set, it immediately began to pour again, but this time it was extremely hard and pretty fricken scary (but it looked so cool with the lights!!). His tweets after that were talking about how all his equipment got wet and I was like HA! If I were to ever get a tattoo (which I’m strongly against), it would most definitely have to be something like the bottom pic ;]