With Chicago’s recent weather being crazy and bipolar, (and not having a job to keep me busy…) I’ve been brainstorming ideas for what to wear to Lollapalooza in August. I love reading Who What Wear articles and one in particular has helped me enormously with my “fashion writer’s block”, Fashion Scene: Coachella! Coachella is infamous for it’s stylish attendees and awesome weather, which go perfectly hand in hand. This year is Lolla’s 20th anniversary, longer than Coachella has been in business, so why isn’t Lolla noted for it’s fashionable fans and crazy styles as well? This will only have been my third year going, but everytime I have been there I have been blown away by all the creative and individual styles people display for the three days. I’m sure not as many famous people make guest appearances at Lolla than at Coachella (which is probably why it’s not as publicized), but it is definitely worth noting across the country, just like Coachella.

Anyway, about the fashion; I’ll post pics of my outfits when the time comes, but I have been experimenting a lot and I’m still trying to figure out my exact 3 ensembles. Below is a link to the Who What Wear Coachella article.