Ok so I’m not the best when it comes to looking for a job, so when my friend told me I could take over her babysitting job I jumped on it. She warned me that the lady was kind of a flake but I was like whatever I need money. It took this lady over a WEEK to commit to a time when I would actually meet her!! I finally met her last Tuesday and she’s really nice and the baby girl is the cutest thing in the world so I couldn’t wait until I got to actually babysit her. The mom asked if I could watch her the following Thursday but she didn’t know what time yet and I said not a problem. Thursday comes along and she still hasn’t given me a time for when to come over. I told my aunt the situation and she immediately hated this lady. I texted her asking when she needed me today — no response. This Sunday she called and asked me to watch the baby for Tuesday; texted me the next day and switched it to Wednesday. Today I get another text and she had to cancel altogether . By now I’m really pissed because I still haven’t babysat for this kid once and I really need money. If she doesn’t respond to my last text about if she needed me any time soon, I’m done. I’m calling her tomorrow and I’m going to tell her I can’t work for her if she’s going to keep canceling on me. Ughhhhhhhhhh this makes me so mad!!!!!! I really didn’t want to have to work at an ice cream store but Tate’s in downtown La Grange is looking nicer and nicer everyday. I just need some money to feed my online shopping addiction….