this is me

I don't know what I'm doing....

Well hey der!! I’m Catherine, and this is my first time with a blog so don’t judge. I’m from a suburb of Chicago and I loveeee the city!! Sometimes I love it a little too much to the point where I become narrow minded and hate everything that’s not Chicago…. (Iowans can get real annoying real fast.) Anyway, I’m pretty fashion forward, and almost obsessive actually, and I cry over a sweet deal (bargain hunting — I got it from my momma). I’m Greek (if you couldn’t tell) and I love talking about Greek things with Greek people and such. I can barely speak Greek though, which becomes a problem when trying to understand what yiayia’s saying, but I try my best and learn at any point possible. Oh ya, I love learning! Sounds lame but I really do love learning about history, outer space, weather, my family, anything.